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Soldering A Circuit Board of any kind is a very tedious task the requires having a soldering iron, heat gun, tweezers, and a lot of patients. Not everyone has these requirements but we do at 702pcrepair. Having these tools is important when soldering. Because if you try to repair an HDMI port or USB port, for example, you'll realize that if you remove the broken HDMI port too soon you may end up with a missing pad, or worse damage other vital Circuit Board components resulting in either an unsalvageable circuit board or at the very least a much more expensive soldering repair.

Soldering can very dangerous leave it to our professionals!

As an experienced technician I can say without certainty that yes, soldering can be dangerous if you aren't properly equipped to solder properly. Irons, and heat guns, can reach up to temperatures as far as 800 degrees Fahrenheit causing severe burns. Flux, lead, and other liquid-based solutions can even fall into your eyes. Not taking precautions when soldering is not a safe thing at all but 702pcrepair has adopted a cautious approach when soldering. All our I.T professionals are trained in the art of PPE. (Personal protective equipment) wearing. We use gloves, masks, and in some cases Goggles depending on the level of soldering job required to ensure a safe circuit board repair. Speaking as a computer technician if you are thinking about soldering a component I recommend doing yourself a big favor and make sure to always protect yourself first. Get a proper vacuum, good soldering tools, gloves, and eye-wear. Yes, eye-wear. Soldering can be dangerous, and repairing a circuit board is not worth damaging or hurting yourself over. 702pcrepair LLC sells soldering equipment, if you are interested in purchasing proper tools come stop by!

Being Patient is needed when soldering.

A typical HDMI port replacement takes an hour or even up to two hours of constant supervision. The typical fee for an HDMI replacement for a computer is around 60$.  Trust me when I say this but it is not over-priced! A trained technician has to be constantly working with the circuit board during his service of the component replacement the entire time. If he slacks off or tries to do it too quickly he may damage the circuit board. This is why sometimes our soldering jobs take a day to a week minimum to perform as our trained I.T Professionals need to put in a lot of time, thinking, and patients into all our clients who step into our doors. Our computer repair shop's goal is simple. You come to our store to save money, and you leave happy. This is how we do it.

Is having an HDMI port, USB Port expensive to repair?

It depends on the damage on your circuit board, and what you want us to accomplish. Sometimes if the damage is too great, our soldering repair expense may cost more than just buying a brand new circuit board. That's just the honest truth. But in most cases, if you are looking to replace an HDMI port, USB Port, on your laptop, desktop, or gaming console. Then yes I would recommend it. As I mentioned earlier a typical fee is around 60$.

Need your ps4 cleaned?

We offer that service as well!


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