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The Best Mobile Computer Repair Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Let an I.T Professional come to you!

Why have a computer or laptop repaired in a shop? Let an I.T professional meet you halfway at the comfort of your own home. Our I.T professionals can perform advanced mobile computer repairs with our mobile tools. Our discreet, mobile computer repair in las Vegas is the best and we mean it.

Advanced mobile computer repair.

We are able to service North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Henderson, and some parts of Summerlin. Depending on your situation, we may be able to travel out of town for you to places such as Pahrump, Kingsmen, and other rural areas within Nevada. Bringing the best tools to diagnose, and resolve any Laptop, Desktop, Gaming console, Network issues. On hand, we carry Hard drives, Screen replacements, Cat 6 cable, USB Sticks, tool kits, and other critical equipment to get the job done. What separates us from other mobile computer repair services is this. Our computer repair shop contains over 1,000 Laptop models and over 10,000 components on hand. When you call us, your laptop and desktop have parts already accounted for by the time we visit your home. Normally our competitors would be able to visit your home with the bare minimum to repair a computer. Not Us! We come prepared with everything that could repair a computer no matter how broken it is!

Is Our Mobile Computer Repair Expensive?

Just because you are getting the best mobile computer repair experience in town doesn't mean it's also the most costly. We are very cheap and affordable for the typical person in North Las Vegas. We understand that there needs to be a balance between too much, and too little. Our company has one simple goal. We fix your desktop and laptop, and you leave happy having saved money. A computer repair should save you money, and not cost you more than a brand new computer! We stick by this promise to all our clients. Our starting fee for pick up and delivery is just 20$. That's pretty reasonable if you ask me.


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Irvin Chacon-Garcia

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