Mac Folder With Question Mark Repair

Mac Folder With Question Mark Repair

What Does It Mean When My Mac Has A Folder Flashing With A Question Mark?

You are using your Mac with no problem then out of nowhere one morning you power on your Mac, and bam! You see a blank screen and after a couple of minutes see a question mark. Now your Mac isn't working anymore thinking to yourself is my Mac ruined? The answer is No! It still works and you can bet that 702pcrepair can fix it for leaving it brand new!

What happened with my Mac?

First things first. I want to state that this error is a common one, but also can be a complicated one to resolve on your own depending on what is happening under the hood. It could be a corrupt hard drive, damaged hard drive, a cable going bad, a mother component going blowing out. The list can go on and on. Don't worry though! Whatever caused this computer problem. Our I.T professionals can help solve it! What do you do when a folder with a question mark blinks on your Mac computer? Bring it to the best pc repair shop in all of Southern Nevada. 702pcrepair offers the cheapest and affordable prices to service laptops and desktops.

What about my files?

Depending on the severity of the problem that caused the question mark to appear on your mac. File recovery can be almost near impossible alone if unequipped to handle the situation. If you dropped or got liquid spilled on your Mac, the hard drive could have been damaged and would lead to a data recovery scenario where only a certified I.T Professional can confidently recover lost data. 702pcrepair offers this service as well. So we would be able to repair the question mark on your mac and also repair your damaged or corrupt hard drive. Whatever the situation that could have caused a question mark to appear on your Mac. Our computer repair technicians are here to help.

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