Laptop repair service

Laptop Repair Service in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The best laptop repair company in Southern Nevada.

Whether you need your Hp laptop repair, dell laptop repair, Lenovo laptop repair, or MacBook pro screen replaced. Our Laptop repair service is the best in all of Southern Nevada. If your windows need to be reinstalled, Ram upgraded, or Screen replaced. We are ready with over 1,000+ Laptop models and over 10,000 components on hand. What separates us from other computer repair shops is this. We care for our clients and their Laptops. 

We care about all our clients.

All of our clients are important to us. Our goal is simple. When you drop off your Laptop it gets serviced, and you leave happy knowing we saved you money and that you got your old Laptop repaired! A computer repair shouldn't cost you more than a brand new Laptop. If you are paying more than you would for a brand new computer to have your computer repaired. You need to give us a call today at 702-996-7113.

How we can service any Laptop repair problem you have.

The I.T Professionals at 702pcrepair are the best in all of Southern Nevada. We are proud to say that if you come to get a computer repaired, you will leave with it either being fixed or being told an honest answer. We understand that not all Laptops are worth being repaired, but if you do decide to have them repaired. We have Hard Drives, Motherboards, ram, CPUs, Soldering stations, an entire arsenal to repair your Laptop with. We also are able to upgrade your laptop or purchase it. Finding only the best solution for you to leave our store happy and satisfied. If you need a Laptop repaired no matter what it is 702pcrepair can have it fixed.


Frequently asked questions.


  • How long does a computer repair take? Not long at all, we strive to provide fast, and efficient computer repair. Typically you are looking at same-day repair or next-day repair.

  • What forms of payments do you take? The same payments you would find in a major retail store. Except we also accept Cash App!

  • Do you sell parts to customers to clients who want their computers repaired? Yes, we sell computer parts on eBay, in our online store, and in person. Give us a call if you are looking for a specific part.

  • Do you guys have a sodering station? Yes, we have a sodering station.

  • What is the average price for a repair? Listen, at 702pcrepair you arent going to be charged an arm and a leg. Instead of buying a new computer why not upgrade or have your computer repaired. Trust me we can save you cash.

  • Do you charge a diagnostic fee? No, we do not charge any service fee for a computer repair. There are also no hidden fees! We are direct and straight to the point when you give us a call!

  • Do you offer mobile repair? Depends on the situation, and the complexity of the problem. Call us so we can learn about your situation (702) 996-7113

  • Can you repair my Xbox, ps4, Wii, or another gaming console? Yes, we have experience repairing game consoles that have liquid damage or need a part replaced.

  • Do you repair TVs, radios, and other electronic units? Yes, we can repair most electronics, but our specialty is really Laptops and Desktops. 

  • Can you repair my laptop screen? With over 1,000 Laptop screens on hand. I'm certain we can fix your laptop screen. However, If you have a newer model screen that needs to be replaced we may have to place an order to get it fixed.

  • Can you remove computer viruses? Yes, we are partnered with Avast and Malwarebytes. We are able to perform advanced virus removal tools because of our partnership with them. We also are an official vendor so all our keys are real, and straight from the company itself.

  • Are you able to recover data? Yes, we can recover data. We can even repair dead hard drives depending on the type of damage the hard drive, USB, or SSD has suffered. 

  • is our Computer repair Las Vegas? No the goal of a computer repair shop should be to save you money! If you are losing more money repairing a laptop or desktop than buying a new computer. Then you should give us a call asap. (702)-996-7113.

  • Do you guys offer Laptop screen replacements? Yes, we are able to repair any laptop with a damaged screen with our Laptop screen replacement service.

  • Is 702pcrepair open to be contacted/contracted/work do business with my company, organization, government? Yes, we are willing to work with organizations. In fact, we would be happy to partner, negotiate, or do business with anyone. You can email us directly at