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Where to buy Hp parts? How to order Hp laptop parts? how to search for a replacement Hp laptop part based on serial number

Hp or (Hewlett Packard) is a computer manufacturer that makes great laptops, and desktops. They are commonly known for creating the Hp pavilion all-in-one series, Hp pavilion laptop series, Hp envy series and other amazing pc series that are used through out the world today. You can see them in offices, and schools Often they are mostly seen in offices, and they are well equipped to handle the tasks such as Microsoft word, Excel, and other programs users use daily.

If you are looking for a place to purchase Hp parts then you the world is your oyster! Hp even offers parts for purchase directly on their own website. Users are able to search for parts using the serial number of computer part they want replaced. This would make a great option for a 1st party vender to purchase a replacement part from. There are many parts 3rd party venders can't compete with Hp. But one of them is pricing, and part availability. Al though HP sells several replacement parts for your Hp. They do not offer parts for all their laptop models, nor do they offer competitive pricing to 3rd party venders like 702pcrepair. Our quality isn't factory quality like Hp can offer you, but they are good, and at competitive prices. 

Your typical Hp laptop is made up of

Ram: Ram is standard across all laptops. If you don't have Ram, or the wrong Ram inside your Hp laptop, it may not even power on. It is also very useful to render YouTube videos, graphics, and even makes browsing on Google Chrome a lot smoother.

Laptop housing: Laptop housing consists of the bottom, and top portion of the laptop. Inside of the top portion of the laptop you can find the Front bezel, and back laptop cover. Inside you can find the Laptop screen. Most Hp laptop screens are held in place by screws, and a handle that stretch's from the top portion of the laptop housing, to the bottom of the housing where the motherboard is contained. Some Hp, models have back plates integrated within the bottom portion of the laptop housing that can give users access to the Ram, Nic card, and storage device.

Laptop screen: Most Hp laptops, use LED (Light emitting diode), or LCD (liquid crystal display) technology. Some newer Hp's use Resistive touchscreens applied inside of a laptop screen. They work similar to a keyboard but on your screen. 

Motherboard: A typical Hp laptop contains a motherboard that is powered on via a charger, or battery. If your laptop won't charge despite your charger working, then it is either your charging cable that needs to be replaced, or your motherboard needs to be reset/replaced. The motherboard works in union with your central processing unit (CPU). Without a CPU the motherboard is useless. Most of the newer Hp model laptops have their CPU soldered on. And unfortunately is very difficult to have replaced or fixed because of the difficult of having to unsolder and resolder a CPU. 

Laptop battery: A battery can be placed inside a Hp laptop and be charged with an outlet. If your battery does not power on when you hit the power button. Then you should take out the battery, and plug in a charger and see if it powers on. If the laptop powers on, then you need to replace your laptop with a new battery. If it doesn't power on, then you need to inspect the charging cable. If after switching the charging cable, and not powering on you should investigate the motherboard. If you are unable to resolve the problem you should contact a certified computer technician. 

CPU fan: A CPU fan has a serial number usually attached to the top of bottom of the CPU fan. If you are unable to find what kind of CPU fan it is, your best bet to find it online is to search for the model of your laptop, and see what pops up when you include CPU fan. If you can't find it, then your best bet is to contact a certified computer technician. 

CPU: A central processing unit goes hand in hand with a laptop motherboard. The problem with a lot of newer Hp laptops, is that they tend to be soldered onto the motherboard which makes it very difficult to solder off. Most older Hp models do have the option to replace the CPU. Hp tends to use both AMD, and Intel based central processing units. 

Keyboard assembly: Some Hp models, contain a keyboard housing, and the keyboard itself separate. Make sure that when you are replacing a keyboard assembly that the keyboard itself isn't or is attached to the keyboard housing. I have seen many Hp keyboard assemblies destroy connecting pins, and cables because someone wasn't being careful. It is always a good idea to look up a video before you start to disassembling any laptop following along at each step.


We offer a variety of different HP parts that can be used to replace your keyboard assembly, laptop screen, bezel, cable, mouse pad, and other components that HP may not offer. Also at reasonable prices! All our orders are sent on the same business day of purchase. And typically arrive 3-5 days after purchase. Our fast speed is thanks to USPS priority shipping combined with our fast, and secure checkout system Shopify. You can rest assured all our customers are satisficed. If you aren't then we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are a client looking for hp parts, and need customer support give us a call at 702-996-7113! or shoot us a email at contact@702pcrepair.com .