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What are the parts of an apple? where can I buy genuine apple parts? 

Apple is a popular company that everyone loves. The problem with apple is that they are not pro right-to-repair. Right to repair is a legislative movement that pushes for consumers to repair their own products using parts provided by the company. So as of right now Apple has a monopoly on parts they make, and also a monopoly on repairing apple products. The problem with this is that instead of making the prices cheaper to repair or sell the part at a reduced price. Apple tends to oversell their labor, and part. Infact they want to profit from repairing parts, and this is one of the main reasons why they are against the right to repair. Apple has some valid reasons other then making a quick buck. Such as

  • Needs to be done by a professional.
  • Needs to be authentic parts due to software, and hard ware capabilities. 
  • Don't want other companies to ruin brand reputation.

Needs to be done by a professional.

Apple has a problem with other companies touching products made by them. One of the main reasons is because apple doesn't feel that anyone other then apple is qualified to repair there own products. Which it can make sense. You don't want to eat fish, when you ordered meat. But in reality the lines aren't that far apart from having a certified computer repair technician repair your apple product. Just think about how many mechanics can fulfill the demand of repairing any vehicle verses the manufacturer of that vehicle. They would be the best option to get your laptop or iMac repaired of course. But you already know the prices make it near impossible to be satisficed with getting anything repaired with them.  Any competent computer repair company is capable of repairing apple based products. They use the same pc parts any windows laptop uses with a twist. Here is a break down on what are the parts of an apple in a MacBook pro.

  • Laptop screen
  • Keyboard
  • Motherboard
  • Super drive (Optical drive.)
  • Ram
  • Storage device (HDD, SSD, etc.)
  • Webcam
  • Nic card

If you match these components with your regular windows based laptop you well find that the only difference is maybe the quality, and Linux based operating system MacOS and perhaps the over priced tag when you check out.

 A certified PC tech is more then capable of repairing a apple based product. If he isn't then he isn't able to repair most laptops out in the market.

Needs to be authentic parts due to software, and hard ware capabilities.

Now apple is very picky, about which parts you can add into your MacBook pro, or iMac. Infact they make it so there are very few components within your pc that you are actually able to switch out yourself with any generic brand. Those would be the hard drive, and ram. Everything else has to be apple made all the way down to the keyboard. So this only leads you with two options. Option one you go to apple and pay just as much as it would cost you to purchase a brand new product. Or you go to a 3rd party vender to repair your Apple based product. 

A certified 3rd party vender is apple to replace, and repair all your apple based products if they are certified. Now when you search for an computer repair store to repair your apple product. Make sure they have plenty of reviews, and to call and see if they are able to service Apple based products. If  you are located in Las-Vegas give us a call! We are more then willing, to repair your apple based product. These 3rd party venders will usually have to purchase apple products from websites like eBay, Facebook, offer up, and other places people sell used, or broken parts from. The bad thing about using 3rd party venders is that you can run the risk of receiving a low quality part, or at worst a damaged replacement part for your apple product. Wasting you time, and money. With 702pcrepair you can rest assured that as a 3rd party part vender you will be saving money, and have quality replacement parts for your apple product. What makes us different from any vender on eBay is that you can hold us accountable! We won't vanish into thin air, and we don't operate out of an apartment. We actually own a brick and mortar store located in Las Vegas, Nevada. All our apple parts are inspected by certified computer technicians before being shipped through USPS priority mail on the same-business day of purchase, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you are looking to purchase quality, and cheap apple parts i would recommend checking us out!



We encourage all of our clients to learn what the right to repair act is, and how you can learn to fight against big corporations trying to monopolize everything they make from the part, to the repair, and even the way they can use it.

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