How to remove Mcafee webadvisor
How to remove Mcafee webadvisor

Sometimes anti virus can fail us, despite having paid for it! Chances are if you are reading this, then you are looking for a way to remove your MacAfee Web browser app from your laptop or pc. But no matter how many times you try to uninstall it, it just seems like it won't uninstall. This can lead to blocking safe downloads on your google chrome browser and frustration. Some common errors when your anti virus is blocking downloads from google include:

  • Network error
  • Virus scan failed

The main reason why you are seeing this is because some type of anti virus is preventing you from downloading things from the internet because it sees it as a virus. This can happen often, when you uninstall an anti virus program partially. Even though it may be removed from your programs, there are still bits of codes that are set in place to prevent users from downloading any malware  This is an issue because a stop light needs 3 lights to function properly. The way this anti virus is working without it fully uninstalled is similar to a red stop light that never turns green. To fix this problem all you have to do is remove the remaining bits of code left on your pc.

To do this you should go, and download a free program called REVOuninstaller. On another laptop or pc that is able to download programs without any issue, and place it into a USB. 





Once you download it onto a working USB. Transfer it into the laptop with the problem. And then install the program on it. 



When you run Revounistaller, you'll be able to see all the programs that are installed despite not being fully removed from your computer. Find the program that you suspect is partially uninstalled, or the cause for being unable to download programs from google chrome, or other internet browser.

After you'll see a few prompts letting you know of the information still on your computer that belongs to your previous anti virus software.

You'll be prompted with a similar message to this just click continue.

Note worthy mention: At this point you are able to make a restore point. If you are worried about removing a program using revouninstaller it is recommended that you create a system restore point.  The reason being is because the program it removes could be a critical component within your windows operating system and in a worst case scenario could ruin your entire PC.

Click scan, and all the registers, and other bits of code that make up your anti virus software will be detected by this program.

After selecting all, and deleting them you'll see the final prompt. Make sure to select all, and delete them as well. Afterwards you should now be able to download programs again!



Here are some quick facts about Anti virus programs.

  1. They can turn on you just like MacAfee did unintentionally.
  2. Not all viruses are able to be removed by even the best Anti virus software.
  3. New viruses are created every day.

If you are unable to remove your anti virus by yourself, or by using an anti virus program. And you are located in Las Vegas. Give us a call at 702-996-7113, to schedule an appointment to have a professional I.T technician help you solve your virus problem.  To learn more check out our virus removal service page.

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