How to enable dual monitor z390 phantom gaming 4-IB
How to enable dual monitor z390 phantom gaming 4-IB

If you are having problems with your Z390 Phantom gaming motherboard, when you are trying to add multiple screens causing it to crash. Then this article will show you how to fix that problem. The problem is being caused by a Motherboard setting that maximizes performance for a single monitor when you buy it straight off the market. Alot of people are unaware that this feature exists with most gaming motherboards. A prolonged period of use without enabling the dual monitors in the BIOS can lead to GPU damage. This method well enable it so that it can hopefully solve the problem before it gets out of hand.

The first step you need to do is go into the BIOS using the F2 Key. 

You will then be booted into the ASROCK EZ Mode screen.

The second step is to go into the advanced mode by either clicking it with a mouse or pressing F6.


After you well see a Main Bios Dashboard.

The next step is to go to advanced and scroll to the bottom until you see CHIPSET Configuration.

Click on it, and scroll down until you see a setting that is called igpu multi-monitor.

Make sure that it is enabled if it is disabled. If you are using just a single monitor then keep it disabled as it well affect performance.


Anyway I hope this article helped. If you have any questions in regards to this problem please feel free to comment below.

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