We sell on eBay, and our shipping, and return policies are the best.
We sell on eBay, and our shipping, and return policies are the best.

We are a certified vender on eBay that sells computer parts. But we recommend you shop on our online store to save money. The reason we are able to help save you money is because we don't have to pay eBay, or PayPal for hefty listing fees, and transaction fees.


We offer a 30-day return policy if you place an order through our website. Where as we don't offer a refund or exchange on our eBay account. I encourage you to read more about our 30 day return policy if you have any questions. But here are 3 three main key factors you can take from our page.

  1. You have 30 days to return a product to receive a complete refund.
  2. Email us at contact@702pcrepair or call us at 702-996-7113 to get a free return label.
  3. Once we receive our product a refund will be issued to you same business day.


Our shipping policy is the best. Our goal is to ship it the moment you place an order. After placing an order, you'll be given a USPS tracking number. We offer same business day shipping through USPS flat priority mailing. This means all our products are typically delivered within two to seven business days. All products purchased through our website receive an automatic FREE shipping.

If you have any questions on our computer parts, and services. Please send us an email at contact@702pcrepair.com or call us directly at 702-996-7113.

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