5 things every computer repair shop needs
5 things every computer repair shop needs

My name is Irvin, and in this article I'm going to give you some information on what you need for your computer repair shop to succeed! We are going to start first with. What is most important!

1. Paper work

picture of form clients fill out for computer repair

The main reason for having paper work when you speak to a client, is so you, and your client are on the same page and have come to an agreement. This also protects you from any clients that may dispute any former agreement, or protect your company from any legal liabilities. So make sure that when you make your paper work that it is solid, and has some form of legal basis in your state or country. 

2. Security 

desktop locks

Speaking from experience, it is important to have some security for your computer repair store. The main reason is that you don't want your store get broken into easily because then it makes easy target for people to come and steal your laptops, products, and other important things that are valuable assets for your computer repair company. I recommend to install the following things when you first move in, into your store.

  • Security cameras
  • Sensors
  • Security bars
  • Laptop locks/Desktop locks.

These items are all critical in maintain your computer repair store secure. The security cameras are useful in case you need to report a break in, stolen items, or need evidence for insurance claims. The sensors are a deterrent for anyone who breaks the windows. They are recommend as a deterrent not something that can stop thieves from breaking in.  The security bars make it difficult for thieves to get in and get out. But when you install them, make sure to speak with your landlord, and understand the regulations behind security bars. Most of the time, you have to have some form of permit, or authorization from a land lord to have them installed. Laptop locks, and desktop locks are important for your display shelves. The concept is rather simple. You lock them up so they don't run away with your products!

3. Internet Visibility.

Make sure that you are listed on all the famous websites possible so that people can see you. Google business listing, and yelp business listing are going to be your best friends. Start by submitting your company address, and information to popular free listing websites first. Also if you have a website make sure to include it. Many clients love browsing the internet before picking a computer repair store. So make a website quickly using wix, squarespace, or other website builders to give your potential clients a place to browse before scheduling a computer repair with you if you don't have a website.


The name of the game is this. Clients want to save money, and get it repaired fast. So we understand this concept. What do you need to be able to fulfill the demands of a client? The answer is simple. Parts. You can purchase parts from eBay, Amazon, Offer up, and pretty much anywhere that sells anything. There are certain draw backs to each website. But what i recommend is that you purchase computer parts from us! I don't know if you noticed yet, but this website has a ton of parts for sale! We offer the best pricing, same business-day shipping, and of course great customer support. 

5. Organization!

Make sure that when you open up a computer repair store, that you have all least a very easy system to maintain every morning. The truth is, that in this field. Parts, and a lot of other things get thrown every where. And the last thing you want happening is losing an important part for a specific client. So make sure to have everything organized, and tidy in the mornings, and before you close shop. 

So to sum this article up. These are 5 things every computer repair shop needs. If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to email us at contact@702pcrepair.com or give us a call at 702-996-7113.


Also here's a video explaining it more in-depth.

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